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the Komagata Maru

Why Fiction?

The Evolution of City of Tribes If you survive long enough as a writer you’re bound to come across stories that are, for one reason or another, harder to tell. People confide things to journalists that they would never admit in a court of law. Whistleblowers arrive with the threat of lawsuits or other kinds… Read more »


Stopping Traffik

Stopping Traffik: The War Against the War on Drugs (CBC — October 1999) Logline: “Whether it’s alcohol Prohibition or the War on Drugs, any zealous crusade is bound to have unintended consequences. Watch what happens when frontline cops, social workers, and wealthy businessmen join forces to oppose the drug war.” The war on drugs had… Read more »

Ed Asner as Lou Grant

My Own Lou Grant

If you’re too young to remember who Lou Grant was, you might want to skip the rest of this post. It’s a story about one of my mentors at CBC and you’d have to know the significance of who “Lou” was (in the journalism culture of the late 1970s) for the story to have meaning.… Read more »